Letter: Publishing the personal attack was wrong

As a subscriber to the paper, I am disappointed that Rappahannock News would publish political attack pieces in the run up to the election on Nov. 3. “What’s Past is Prologue” [Letters, Oct. 8] by Eric Tollefson of Sperryville is clearly a smear piece designed to influence voters with biased and partisan opinions regarding cell towers in the county.

Of particular note is Tollefson’s lack of disclosure that he was the plaintiff in the failed lawsuit against the school board last January that attempted to halt the board’s constitutional right to vote on the matter. If he was truly concerned about the issue he would have directed his comments in the paper to the entire school board when the case was heard last winter. To now single out the two members of the school board, who happened to vote against his wishes and who happen to be now running for supervisor, clearly reveals his purely political motive.

Since Rappahannock News is only published weekly, the opportunity for robust debate in the editorial section is not frequent, unlike the consistency of a daily paper; therefore, it should refrain from publishing personal attacks just a few weeks before an election.

Nicholas Smith

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