Letter: To address our serious drug issues, elect Berry

There is, in my opinion, a very serious drug problem in Rappahannock County. I believe that only one of the candidates for sheriff has presented a viable plan for combating the heroin and serious drugs problem, and decreasing the amount of property crime in Rappahannock. I have had the privilege of living in Rappahannock County and have been involved with the court system my entire life.

Rappahannock is at a crucial crossroads at this time as to whether serious drugs and the occurrence of drug-related property crimes will continue to escalate. The present sheriff does not seem to work well with the commonwealth’s attorney and is certainly not utilizing the Virginia State Police resources in a manner beneficial to citizens and taxpayers. If one wishes to stop and/or curtail drug use among children and adults in Rappahannock, the only possibility I believe lies with Andy Berry and the use of a task force. I do not believe that the arrest of young people for possession of marijuana is effective in stopping the dangerous drug issues that are occurring here. I’m voting for Andy Berry in November.

Bill Fletcher

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