Clark Hollow Ramblings: Politics as usual

I don’t know about you, but I have been wishing that in the local election coming up next month we could go ahead and vote for president. I am, to some moderate extent, a news junkie. I read several newspapers and watch the national news on television. It seems, sometimes, as if there is no other news than the race for president, which is more than a year away.

By the time the national election rolls around, we will know more about the candidates than we can possibly absorb and use to make a decision. I’m not sure Bernie Sanders was correct, but I don’t think he missed it far when he said the public doesn’t want to hear anymore about the *%$# emails.

Donald Trump has been a big surprise for everybody. I think people like to hear what he is saying because, truth be told, they agree with a lot of it. But, I’m not sure they are going to vote to put him in the White House. The news media seem to be standing around, microphone and camera at hand, waiting for him to flame out, and he hasn’t accommodated them, up to this point.

And why don’t they leave poor Joe Biden alone, and let him make up his mind in his own good time? A number of people believe that, of the candidates on that side of the spectrum, he is probably the most electable. Hillary is viewed by many as just plain radioactive and the baggage she brings comes in a tractor trailer.

And are the American people going to vote to put an avowed socialist in the White House? I think not. Keep telling it the way you see it, Bernie, it helps to clear the air, but most of us expect to see you and Donald Trump walking arm-in-arm into the dense fog of novelty and trivia questions.

And the other dozen or so candidates don’t seem to be able to get in a word edge-wise. They can present reasonably good and well thought out ideas for the economy, for international relations and any of a number of things the voters need to hear from them, but the news people don’t give it much time. But, let one of them say something stupid, and all the major news networks will lead with that on the evening news.

It just makes me appreciate the Rappahannock News even more. Fifty years from now when some aspiring journalist searches the Rappahannock News archives for “Clinton,” “Trump,” “Biden” or “Sanders,” I am hoping this is the only article that comes up on Google.

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