Letter: A family tradition

I am writing to support the write-in candidacy of Lucy Ann “Pud” Maeyer to serve as Hampton district’s representative on the school board. Pud’s roots run deep in Rappahannock. Her familiarity with the county, combined with her 33 years of teaching experience, gives her an insight and understanding seldom seen in a newly elected public official.

As a new school board member, Pud will hit the ground running. She will fight for quality education, a tradition in her family. A gifted teacher, Pud taught with my mother, Ruth Baumgardner, for many years. My mother also taught with Pud’s mother, “Artie” Quaintance, a teacher and school board member who knew the lay of the land and how to make a difference for our children.

And then there was Mary Botts Quaintance, a highly regarded teacher and longtime principal of the elementary school. She was as close to a saint in our schools as there ever was. She was once described by your newspaper as a “hero.”

Another tradition embraced by the Maeyer/Quaintance family is fiscal responsibility. As a school board member, Pud will fight to verify that every dollar spent returns an equal or greater value.

To Pud and her family, quality education and fiscal responsibility are — as the legendary Hank Williams Jr. might have put it — a family tradition.

I hope that your readers will join me in casting their write-in ballots for Lucy Ann “Pud” Maeyer, school board, Hampton district.

Doug Baumgardner

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