Letter: April Moore will represent all her constituents

I write in support of April Moore’s candidacy for the Virginia Senate’s 26th District.

April Moore is a consensus candidate who supports women’s rights, Medicaid expansion, honest and uninfluenced government and representation for all Virginians.

Her opponent, the current incumbent, supported a provision that would have required any woman who suffered a miscarriage to report it to the police within 24 hours. Sen. Mark Obenshain has consistently opposed the expansion of Medicaid to the 400,000 Virginians who should benefit from expansion and who currently go without medical coverage. This, in spite of the $5 million daily that Virginia sends to the federal government to cover this cost.

Sen. Obenshain is a recipient of campaign contributions from the Koch Industries PAC and Dominion Power. Both actively oppose reductions in harmful emissions and other polluting activities which negatively affect the health of Virginians.

April Moore vigorously supports the right of all Virginia citizens to vote for those who represent their legitimate concerns and decries the efforts of the current incumbent to suppress voting.

Vote for April Moore for Virginia Senate on Nov. 3, the candidate who supports clean government and clean air.

Ross O’Donoghue
Chair, Rappahannock Democratic Committee

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