Letter: ‘I wholeheartedly endorse Demaris Miller’

In June, when the deadline passed to get on the ballot to run for the Hampton district seat on the school board, no one had registered. Then after a short wait, my good friend Demaris Miller, who is always willing to pitch in and help in most any situation, decided that this was far too important a task to ignore. Demaris was the first to step up and sign up as a write-in candidate.

Perhaps some folks who know my political leanings might be surprised by my endorsement of Demaris. We disagree on many approaches to government on a national level. But this is a local election for a very important local position.

To me the vital qualifications for this job are honest, clear thinking, courage, enthusiasm, experience in the education field and a passion and love of this county and its children.

As I have come to know and respect Demaris, I may not always agree with her but I always trust her. She speaks the truth as she sees it and then she is willing to listen with an open mind to other opinions. She has the courage to face difficult situations and to look for common-sense solutions.

The education and care of our children is our most important responsibility. I wholeheartedly endorse my friend Demaris Miller for this extremely important job.

Alma Viator

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