Letter: I’d like to be the next Mr. Everything (and who wouldn’t?)

I am taking this opportunity to announce my write-in candidacy for Mr. Everything of Rappahannock County. If elected, I promise to reduce the personal property taxes of every county resident and paint their houses every four years. I will assign a school resource officer to not only each school, but to adequately safeguard our children from the horrors of attending school I will assign an officer to each and every student!

You ask how I will pay for this. Why, by arresting the multitude of drug smugglers utilizing the county’s very own cocaine highway, also known as U.S. Route 211, and seizing their multimillion-dollar assets!

Let’s be realistic here, people. Don’t be taken in by long letters written by Election Day hopefuls or rambling essays written by elected officials (especially ones that are nothing more than a thinly disguised endorsement of another candidate for sheriff).

I have yet to read one fact detailing the money potentially gained by becoming a member of the much-touted task force, or the money lost as a result of disengaging from it. Show us the money!

Do you honestly believe for one second that Sheriff Connie Smith would turn her back on such a lucrative money train? Of course not.

Connie Smith began her law enforcement career right here in Rappahannock County. She did not jump county lines for a few extra dollars or quit the force altogether because she was discontent with the way things were going at any given time.

And whether herding stray cattle that have escaped their owners’ fencing, directing traffic during a bike race, investigating child abuse cases or personally running down drug dealers, she has stuck with us through the good times and bad and she deserves our vote. And that is a fact.

Mark Raiford

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