Letter: Miller is the voice of the Rappahannock I know

We all love Rappahannock.We will now be voting to show that love. A few weeks ago, the candidates for supervisor met for a candidates’ forum at the Theatre. There were four non-incumbents for two seats. Jay Miller, one of three candidates for the Hampton district seat Bryant Lee is giving up, was comfortable with the status quo, and he liked the dark night sky.

Of the three other non-incumbents, one expressed disappointment that the Dollar Store didn’t locate in the county. Another was described as a “my way or the highway”-type guy. The one I showed up for expressed his thrill living in a county with one signal. And, if the internet situation improved, he said his friend would move his business here, and build a warehouse in Little Washington. It was not the high point I was looking for.

I knew Jay Miller’s father, and grandfather. They fought to keep Rappahannock as Rappahannock. At the forum at the Theatre, Jay was the voice of Rappahannock. The others spoke for themselves. So now we vote — for Rappahannock. Or is it Fauquier?

Henry Eastwood

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