Letter: ‘Please vote carefully’

From emwatch.com: “To a physicist, it may appear that low-frequency and radio-frequency radiation must be harmless to humans, unless it is so strong that it heats our tissue or damages molecules in some other way. It sounds logical, and some scientist do still take this position on EMF [electromagnetic field]. . . .

“A biologist views things differently. To a biologist, it is obvious that if human cells react to low levels of EMF by changing their behavior, something must be going on. A biologist looks at the consequences to the organism of this changed cellular behavior to see whether the effects are neutral, beneficial or harmful.”

One biologist-identified EMF effect is that “DNA repair processes with the cells work less effectively.” And most damage “will probably only appear after many years of exposure.”

Two school board members viewed information provided to them by parents explaining the potential effects of EMF, and personally stated that there is “no proof” that cell towers are dangerous. They also ignored the board’s own strategic plan’s goal No. 2 (“Ensure a Safe and Healthy Learning Environment”).

Instead of doing everything in their power to protect our schoolchildren from possible cell tower danger until both sciences agree, they decided cell towers are safe and voted to put a cell tower on school property. That decision concerns me. Please vote carefully.

Sue Luthi

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