Letter: Support for Tollefson, Whitson and Frazier

School board chair John Lesinski held a “hearing” at which Thomas “Tam” Murray, owner of Community Wireless Structures and an old colleague of Mr. Lesinski’s from his banking days, pitched his cell phone tower at the high school, in the middle of July 2014, school vacation time. No parents were notified, and a small ad in the local paper was not sufficient. Almost no one was there. I suggested to him that he have another one, better publicized, and invite all parents. He did not.

Elected officials are only “empowered” when they listen to and represent the public. He and Amy Hitt did not take seriously the objections to this tower, along with the superintendent. The advancement to negotiating a contract was made without any parental input or education on the dangers of microwave technology, which have been known for more than 40 years. If this is the way our elected or appointed officials behave, they have become dictators.

As a result of Eric Tollefson’s Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, the proceedings of their closed meetings and contract had to be revealed to the public, and then the cell phone tower was defeated. Is this a failed lawsuit?

This is an issue of how the public is treated on important issues, including those that can affect health, and the autocracy of some people who feel they are entitled to be in office, yet willingly choose to be ignorant, or serve themselves, the telecommunications companies or the global elite. Mr. Tollefson’s lawsuit was a great service to this county and the students. I loved his letter, as did everyone I know who read it.

I recommend Keir Whitson for Hampton supervisor, because he is willing to try to bring in safe technology and to be available to all members of the public to talk with them and try to resolve their concerns.  He knows his position is to serve the public, not rule over them. I also recommend Ron Frazier for Jackson supervisor, because he has been a great supervisor and likewise knows these things.

C. Price

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