Letter: Together in support of John Bourgeois

At a time when there appears to be much turmoil in our democracy, with many voices raised in loud disagreement at the national, state and even our local level, we believe that there is a candidate for school board who brings years of contributions to our county and years of leadership to our nation. A person who is a trusted voice that will bring a calm and reasoned discourse to the important issues facing our schools. Clearly we are talking about John Bourgeois, a write-in candidate for the Hampton district seat on the school board.

Besides bringing marvelous music to the county, John Bourgeois has served on the boards of the Child Care and Learning Center, the Rappahannock Historical Society, RappCats and the Castleton Foundation. He knows the needs of our children and our county well. John Bourgeois believes that we are only as good as our schools are and he will work diligently (and cooperatively) to make them the best that they can be.

We join together in endorsing John Bourgeois for write-in candidate for the Hampton district seat on the school board.


Lynda and Bill Webster, Peter Kramer, Edmund Kavanaugh, Kathryn Leggett, Butch Zindel, Mary Jane Capella, Paul Reisler, Chris Bird, Cheryl Toth, Mary Ann Kuhn, Eve and Stephen Brooks , Deborah Jacobs, Louise and Ben Goddard, Judith DeSarno, Gail and Judd Swift, Veronika and Jeff Benson, Sarah and Bill Walton, Bette Mahoney, Ruthie Windsor Mann, Jay Brown, Nicholas Smith, Kevin Adams, Joanie and Robert Ballard, Thom Pellikaan, Allan Comp, Selma Thomas, Christopher Ramey


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