Letter: ‘No one is suggesting that we sit in the dark’

For 55 years I have spent a lot of time back and forth between Fairfax and Rappahannock counties and have been constantly reminded of the stark differences between the two regions. I have also wondered at times whether some who live here permanently fully appreciate or take for granted how special Rappahannock County is.

That curiosity turned to concern when I read that several longtime residents spoke against any lighting regulation that was mentioned at the recent board of supervisors meeting. No one is suggesting that we sit in the dark and read by candlelight but rather a simple restriction concerning outdoor lights that point  to the sky. There are fixtures available today that installed would not hinder the fire department or decrease security but would limit the amount of light skyward.

I am older than the gentleman who recommended to me and others to “go further back in the woods where it is darker,” so I fully appreciate the difficulty in adapting to change and new technology.

A well-written and limited ordinance for new installations should not cause anxiety among neighbors.

Art Zimmerli
Viewtown (and, too often, Fairfax)

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