Letter: The best things in life are . . . missing from your report

Boy, the Middle Street stub saga has the making of a great TV reality show. Have the Kardashians visited the Inn at Little Washington? The Inn and Patrick have contributed much to what makes Rappahannock wonderful, but as a lover of and property owner in Rappahannock almost as long as the Inn has been here (remember the à la carte menus), I must disagree that the Inn is “the county’s largest private business and biggest tourist draw.”

Okay, the largest private business, but the first time I drove down Route 211 from Amissville, just south of Jefferson Mountain and above Muskrat Haven Farms, I saw the “biggest draw” for me and so for many over so many years: Rappahannock itself, the land, the sky, the farms, the people. Yes, we have been to the Inn also, but keep getting drawn back to Rappahannock. What an à la carte menu we have for our eyes and hearts everyday in Rappahannock. The price is right, too.

Bob Ryan

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