Letter: From campaigns to camping trips, our voices are heard

Hi, my name is Josh Jones and I am in the sixth grade at Rappahannock County Elementary School. I would like to write about the elections we just had. You might wonder what a kid in the sixth grade knows about elections. Well, I will tell you. I am also a Boy Scout here in Rappahannock County. In the Boy Scouts, we have elections every six months to elect our new troop leaders — not adult leaders but fellow scouts. We also have the chance to suggest and vote on our camping trips for the coming year. We vote on things like whitewater rafting, ziplining and skiing, to name a few.

By voting for our leaders and outings, I have learned I do not always get what I want, but our voices have been heard. So, I would like to say to everyone who won the elections, both in our troop and in the county: Congratulations, and may God guide you. To those who did not win, I say: Maybe you have been called to something else at this time, so good luck, and may God guide you as well.

Josh Jones

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