Letter: ‘Truly grateful’ but not for the bad behavior

I would like to thank the people who supported me in my bid for the Hampton supervisor’s seat. I am truly grateful.

I also apologize to all the voters of Hampton district who were accosted at the polls. I have never witnessed anything like it, and was ashamed to be associated with many of the candidates on Election Day. Voters had to run a gauntlet to cast a vote and sometimes even to park.

I saw hands seized, not offered, and people’s personal space violated repeatedly. The aggressive behavior was confined to non-native candidates, and the difference between us had not been so evident to me before. My proud observation, however, was that no native candidates, nor their representatives, acted as such.

I’m sorry for Rappahannock that we have regressed, and worse, endorsed this aggressive behavior. We really don’t have to.

Newbill “Jay” Miller Jr.

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