Courthouse Row for Dec. 10

Home and land transfers

The following home and land transfers were recorded at the Rappahannock County Circuit Court clerk’s office Nov. 24 to Dec. 7:


Robert Knoll and Diane K. MacPherson to Somerset Cottage LLC, 0.633 acres, no consideration, exempt from recording taxes per Virginia code. tax map 20A-1-5A

James E. Botsford, trustee, and Katherine Botsford Massie, trustee under the Botsford trust, to Carolyn C. Cobb and Julie A. Spiezio, lot 29 Peyton Farm, 6.8902,  $170,000, general warranty, tax map 29B-1-29


Terry R. Jordan to Terry R. Jordan and Lisa A. Jordan, husband and wife, 3.564 acres, deed of gift, general warranty, tax map 31-23D

Peter J. Ryan and Linda D. Ryan to Robyn Ryan Brechbill, trustee of the Ryan family irrevocable trust, 5.266 acres, deed of gift, special warranty, tax map 43-32E


Brian Taylor and Alexandra Taylor, Tyler Small and Shannon Small to Bats LLC, 5.3326, no consideration exempt from recording taxes pursuant to Virginia code, tax map 27-11C

Thomas G. Taylor and Cheryl A. P. Taylor, husband and wife, to Linger Longer Farm LLC, 2 parcels, deed of gift, tax map 27-12

Rappahannock County/Madison County

Aaron David Pettie to George M. Pettie, 7.7855 acres, $125,000, general warranty, tax map 53-4B Rappahannock, tax map 9-47 Madison County


Paul R. Bush to Paul R. Bush and Natasha D. Bush, husband and wife, 30.4369 acres, no consideration, exempt from recordation tax pursuant to Virginia code, general warranty, tax map 39-16

Karl David Thornhill to Barbara Heile and Stephen John Schadler, wife and husband, 5.266 acres, $235,000, general warranty, tax map 56-33A

Building permits

The costs cited with the following permit applications are estimates.

Linda Croxson, Sperryville, solar array, $17,000

Derek Capizzi, Castleton, garage, $200,000

Charles Preston, Flint Hill, gas propane tank, $505

Stanley Owens III, Amissville, space heater, $2,587

Rappahannock Farmers Coop, Washington, LP gas tank, $2,000

Richard, Laimbeer, Amissville, garage, $30,000

Robert and Katie Burney, Sperryville, guest house, $425,000

Madison Romine Trust Romine, Castleton, temporary electric pole, $150

Russ Collins, Washington, solar array, $11,000

John Lesinski, Washington, solar array, $21,000

The Inn,Washington, commercial building, replace shingles, $16,250

Amissville VFD, Amissville, accessory building, $4,000

Edward Goshorn, Sperryville, renewal, no cost

Edward Goshorn, Sperryville, electric service, $350

Melissa Gonzales, Castleton, addition to accessory building, $20,000