Letter: Radiating Rappahannock

AT&T is coming back into this county to experiment with their wireless broadband project (microwave radiation project), previously threatened at Chester Gap (many did not want it) and withdrawn. This is a bad idea for this county and needs to be opposed for the following reasons:

  1. It is based on cell technology and will put an antenna on the roof of participants (or on their properties) which will interact with AT&T’s other antenna at Ben Venue, and possibly elsewhere in the county if they put up more equipment (previously opposed and not continued by AT&T). Antennas on roofs have been tried in the UK, on university campuses and on apartment buildings, with similar results: cancer clusters, health problems and generally dangerous and bad effects on the residents under them. Microwave radiation has no problem penetrating most buildings and going into the residents’ homes.
  2. T-Mobile’s addition of five antennas to the Miller silo will radiate the areas AT&T is looking at, plus much of the rest of the county. This would produce double/triple radiation in these areas.
  3. AT&T wants to violate our mountains, hills, hollows, etc., assuming we all need to be radiated or want this — equal opportunity poisoning. We do not all want this, nor should anyone who studies the effects of this technology.
  4. This will be done with no permission from the neighbors (like cell tower contracts). This radiation, especially if the home is near the property line of neighbors, will bleed onto/radiate neighbors’ properties, making them recipients of this radiation without having given permission. This is wrong. Broadband boxes in trees radiate out hundreds of feet . . . this experiment could easily be worse. If there are children in the area, the elderly, or just people who know this is harmful, this is a violation of their rights..
  5. They are offering $100 for a three-month trial — cheap, cheap, cheap given the dangers this could produce. I might add, pulsed microwave signals also damage buildings, causing them to deteriorate prematurely, so this would be bad for property values as well.
  6. The Nuremberg Trials said we have no right to experiment on people without their permission. This has been violated many times by our own government, but does not change its implications here.
  7. There is safe technology that can be used, and we must pressure these companies and our own representatives and government to invest their time and money into it (fiber optics, fast DSL, cable, ethernet). It makes no sense to radiate rural areas that still have areas relatively free from this. This is the worst self-destruction, which shows that technocrats should not have the final say in the direction and use of this technology.

Angela Tsiang, whose son was in a California school whose cell tower upgraded from 3G to 4G (note: all county cell towers are now 4G) reported the following symptoms he developed (which abated when he was taken into different environments): intense headaches (frontal lobe area); constipation (he was regular every day before); digestive problems and stomach pains; insomnia (could only sleep seven hours a night, before he slept at least 9 hours, no problems) and fatigue; anxiety (he suddenly felt extremely stressed every day and did not want to go to school) and high stress hormone levels; insulin resistance; memory and concentration problems (he could not spend more than 20 minutes at a time doing homework, and had difficulty understanding homework instructions; his mother had to explain and help him with his homework).

This was all new beginning fourth grade; prior to that, he had no issues and even scored a perfect 100 percent on his math STAR test at the end of third grade. It even affected his ability to get ready in the morning, when brushing his teeth and changing clothes took twice as long.

Other symptoms included unexplained rash/eczema/psoriasis on the back side of his hands (the skin would become inflamed, crack and bleed, and they would not heal; extremely bad respiratory allergies that led to asthma (his allergies were very mild before and did not require any kind of medical treatment); personality changes and more.

Do you, or anyone you know, have these problems?

In “The Zapping of America,” by Paul Brodeur, written almost 40 years ago, before the 1996 Telecommunications Act sought to censor all criticism of this technology, he says on its cover: “Microwave radiation can blind you, alter your behavior, cause genetic damage, even kill you. The risks have been hidden from you by the Pentagon, the State Department, and the electronics industry. With this book, the microwave cover-up is ended.” (You should Google “glioma,” a fast-moving, aggressive brain cancer caused by cell phone use.)

Recommended: scribd.com/doc/291507610 (the new website for Ron Powell’s updated articles . . . he is providing them for free use if his name is attached and the material not altered, and he is an expert on this subject); “The Cell Phone Poisoning of America” (available in pdf format online); Virginia Farver’s story, also available online, of her son’s research lab at San Diego State University where there was a cancer cluster from the cell tower on the roof; weness.org/emfs/effects-electromagnetic-fields.html (a very interesting, far-reaching website on this subject).

Here is the person in charge of AT&T’s project: Bill Robbins, product manager, 608-216-4199 or wr7215@att.com.

C. Price

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