Woman shot and killed in Chester Gap

Courtesy RSW Regional Jail
David Michael Williams Courtesy RSW Regional Jail

A 22-year-old Chester Gap man is being held without bond at RSW Regional Jail this week after police say he unintentionally shot and killed his girlfriend, Brittney Koster, at home just after midnight Tuesday.

David Michael Williams of Nez Perce Way was charged by Rappahannock County Sheriff’s Office investigator Shawn Walters with three felonies — involuntary manslaughter, reckless handling of a firearm and unlawful discharge of a firearm in a dwelling.

The investigation continues into the fatal shooting of Koster, a 25-year-old Prince William County resident, and neither RCSO nor Commonwealth’s Attorney Art Goff would comment on why Williams (according to the complaint filed Tuesday morning in district court) pointed a 9mm semiautomatic pistol at his girlfriend and pressed the trigger. The bullet struck the young woman in the neck, the complaint says, after which she stood up from couch and walked a short distance before she collapsed and died.

The call came in to the 911 dispatch center at 12:15 a.m. One law enforcement source said Williams had ejected the pistol’s magazine before pointing the gun at Koster but didn’t realize there was already a round in the firing chamber. 

The shooting death is the first in Rappahannock County in more than five years. In August 2010, David Linwood “Buddy” Pullen shot and killed his 44-year-old stepson, Herbert Wayne Jenkins, in Sperryville.


  1. You people can’t help yourself during times of tragedy. “Why did he NEED a gun?” AND “Why a 9mm?”
    1.) You NEED a gun to kill bad people & keep out of control governments in line.
    2.) A 9mm is one of the lightest caliber weapons barely suitable for self defense.
    Gun safety 101 – to kill someone you need a loaded gun – you need to point it at someone – you need to pull the trigger. All 3 steps need to happen to kill someone. If you never do ANY of them YOU WILL NOT KILL ANYBODY.
    2.) NEVER point a gun at someone you DO NOT WANT TO KILL!
    3.) NEVER pull the trigger unless you want to kill them.

    If you want to use this tragedy to promote an agenda – promote gun safety. If you HATE guns. Promote gun safety. At the very, very least Williams is guilty of extreme stupidity & negligence. Let the investigation play out.

  2. I know the truth truth is he was a jealous person from what Brit said I known her ever sense 2012 from my job and when I was talking to her he would all ways come around or when she would talk to me same results and I saw his reaction he was jealous telling me not to talk too my friend Brit anymore and she even told me from her own words he was a jealous person he did not want her talking to any guys basically who we work with. RIP Brit you will be missed and you will all ways be in my heart you helped me out when I needed it and you were all ways there for me. I hope David will pay for what he did to you I wish I could have helped you out more with this situation. You just don’t point a gun and pull the trigger at anyone. I posted a photo on FB a heart symbol we used to do with each other when we saw each other at work. David just admit what you did was wrong changing your story about what you did.

  3. All we have to go on is wild speculation, and hearsay from angry, bereaved family friends on both sides, and yet no one is asking the important questions. Who else was in the house at the time? What did they hear? If she had a gun pointed at her, why didn’t she scream? Was there yelling? Were they playing around? Were they arguing? Was there a fight or scuffle? If he had such a dark side as everyone is saying he had, why was she with him? If they were together for so long, she would have seen something, yet none of her friends have said anything about abuse or fears. Why did he need a gun? Is there a lot of crime on Chester Gap? Was he jealous? Was she seeing other men (or women)? I’m sure there is more to all of this than what has been printed or said. My thoughts and sympathy to the parents and friends of Brit. I can’t imagine what it’s like to lose a daughter so soon and in this way. Eventually, the truth will all come out. God bless you all.

  4. I can’t believe people are defending this David. He may have been sweet, he may have been kind but the fact is…he is STUPID!!! Somone explain to Brittany’s mother how sweet he was when he pulled the trigger and killed her daughter. People have the audacity to defend him but at least he is ALIVE!!! STUPID IS WHAT STUPID DOES!!!

  5. You people from his “community” crack me up. No one cares how nice you thought he was or how generous he seemed. No one cares about how you think his character was pristine. The fact of the matter is many murderers illicit the same type of perceived qualities from their neighbors as well. It’s how they keep their dark qualities under the radar. That’s why family, friends, and aquainteces of the murderer are always shocked at such news. Get real and take off your blinders. One way or another, justice will be served

  6. A “good person” would not point a gun at ANYONE, even if it was thought to be unloaded. You people defending the shooter need to get a clue. I don’t care how “small” your town is. The real world has come to your doorstep. Open your eyes–he was about to get dumped.

  7. It’s always the ones that put on a mask of fake smiles to face the days need the most help… Did u know there business behind closed doors no u weren’t there.. There probably had issues there didn’t want to share called a private life behind closed doors.. The man behind the door had a problem all the evidence is there.. Maybe she did too… Obviously there fights turned Into a disaster and at the end of the day no matter what said that man pulled a trigger that sweet girl is dead.. Justice needs to be served and accidentally or not punishment needs to be in play…

  8. @amy if this David guy was a good guy just like you’re saying and had no intentions to harm anybody then why is there a person dead ? Why did he own firearms illegally ? Why would you own a 9mm anyways? Why would you point a gun to a person if you have no intentions to pull the trigger? Obviously this guy got some problems & i mean he doesn’t seem affected in the mugshot. Who cares about what anybody has to say from his side HE SHOT & KILLED his gf! Who is he gonna blame if he did it himself ? There’s no good reason in the world for him to take a life, even if that person did the grimiest thing to him, you just don’t go and kill people not even by accident

  9. Idc who you are you don’t pull out a gun and point it at anyone and it’s a shame I don’t get see my cuz anymore one day your time will come back and bit you in the ass David Michael williams and cuz i will miss you so much we will all see you one day I love you cuz

  10. I’m going to make this VERY clear to every single one of you. There are TWO people that knew what actually happened. One, unfortunately, is not here to tell what happened. The other person, however, until you have met David Williams, keep your mouth shut. How dare you sit there and only believe what you hear on social media, as well as people who only knew HER. Not one of you have heard one word from anyone that knows David. How dare you put down someone that MIGHT be a family member to him. Did you ever sit back and think about how HIS family feels? Rappahannock is a small town. Don’t you think people would have known if he was a bad person? Well, HE’S NOT! David is the most selfless, sincere, and loving person I have had he chance of knowing and I can tell you right now, I am not the only person that feels that way. He is a great friend to countless people. Instead of making disgusting assumptions of something of which you know not a damn thing about, spend time comforting the people that are being affected on both sides. You should be ashamed of yourself for writing such disgusting things. I am not ignoring that fact that this entire situation is a terrible tragedy, but you need to think before you speak and not always assume and believe what you hear from other people, as well as social media. YOU are not the one to say it was an accident or not. Like I said, YOU were not there. But knowing David Williams, I am giving you my opinion and telling you that David is NOT one to do harm to anyone. STOP being sick individuals and making this harder than it already is on BOTH families. You want to put your opinion on here, then so am I.

  11. As a member of this community, and a friend of Mr. Williams I would like to say a few things on his behalf. David was one of the sweetest people I have ever met. He would give you the shirt off his back. He is always fun to be around. He is a good friend, and honestly i would trust him with my life. This tragedy has rocked our community and BOTH families involved. The comments on this page are absolutely ridiculous. NO ONE knows what happened. Have some respect for BOTH families. I assume most of you are adults, so please start acting like it. Accidents happen, tragedies happen, but calling names, assuming things, and be nasty doesn’t help the situation any. A beautiful life was lost, I understand she needs a voice, but you’re going about it the wrong way. I’m not trying to start anything or say that you are wrong for feeling the way you do, but you are being EXTREMELY disrespectful. Either way the court will determine what happened and do whatever it sees fit. My prayers go out to BOTH families.

  12. All this bickering back and forth…only one thing we all know for sure…This was a horrific tragedy. But, not any one of us looking at these posts really knows the truth about what happened. I really hope in my heart this was an accident. IF it was that young man has to live with this for the rest of his life. Imagine how he feels if it were really an accident. BUT… If it was not an accident then he deserves to be punished to the fullest for his actions.

  13. So much judgment and hatred. All these posts are doing is tarnishing the memory of this beautiful girl. A terrible terrible tragedy that could happen to any of us at any time. I am certain that both sides are grief stricken. Prayers to all.

  14. MW

    It’s clear you are related to this murderer. A Michael Williams maybe? You’re quick to call others cowards and hateful yet you won’t even use your full name or refrain from name calling. Your response is childish and clearly out of anger from the embarrassment and humiliation David has caused. Luckily the court of law and forensics is excellent at sorting fact from fiction. We will all be following it closely.

  15. M W….you can bet your sorry ass I would say whatever my “coward typing hate on my little keyboard” comments to your pathetic face. Which by the way “Innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. We don’t need a bunch of spoiled, pussy deadbeats acting judge, jury and executioners without knowing all of the facts”…You my friend of the definition of a little coward typing hate on a little keyboard!!! I must ask were you there? We’re you one of the idiots who thought CPR to a gun shot wound in the neck was a good idea (why not apply pressure)? Were you there when the gun was pointed at her? I can only assume you are of relation to post something so heartless. The apple mist not fall farm the tree. At leat you can hear his voice, at least you can go to visit him, and guess what if he gets off on the charges he has you will eventually get him back. WE WILL NEVER GET HER BACK. YOU and yes I said YOU because you are clearly no better took EVERYTHING FROM US. How dare you have the audacity to post something like this that her family and most importantly her parents can see??? You are a sick sick person and I can only hope that one day when something like this rocks your world and and you feel there is no meaning to life anymore NO ONE posts something as immature and COWARDLY as you just have. May God have mercy on your worthless soul.

  16. I’m still struggling with the fact anyone on the dept would describe a shooting still under investigation as unintentional. And not just that the man arrested claims it was unintentional. So is this a mistake by the department or by the paper

    • Candace, thank you for your earlier comment. No one said “unintentional”; almost the entire story we ran came from the complaint on file with the court, which simply lists the charges and includes a short description of the details. No one from the sheriff’s office or the commonwealth’s attorney would comment on the case. The first charge on the complaint is “involuntary manslaughter,” which is defined as unintentional. From findlaw.com, the definition of involuntary manslaughter: “Involuntary manslaughter usually refers to an unintentional killing that results from recklessness or criminal negligence, or from an unlawful act that is a misdemeanor or low-level felony (such as DUI). The usual distinction from voluntary manslaughter is that involuntary manslaughter (sometimes called “criminally negligent homicide”) is a crime in which the victim’s death is unintended.”

  17. B.K. – “This kind of accident is SO common these days”

    You’re a complete fool if you actually believe this. According to the National Safety Council (NSC) Injury Facts report from 2013 unintentional gun fatalities at home account for 0.7% of ALL unintentional home fatalities. You are more likely to freeze to death in your own home before you accidentally get killed by a firearm. Either support your wild claims or shut up.

    NSSF Report:
    Poisoning 30,200 49.8%
    Falls 17,500 28.9%
    Fire, Flames, Smoke 2,500 4.1%
    Choking 2,300 3.8%
    Mechanical Suffocation 1,400 2.3%
    Drowning 1,000 1.7%
    Natural Heat/Cold 500 0.8%
    ““FIREARMS 400 0.7%
    Other 4,800 8%

  18. Disgusting how some people act when they are not face to face talking to someone else. A bunch of cowards typing their hate on their little keyboards. Innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. We don’t need a bunch of spoiled, pussy deadbeats acting judge, jury and executioners without knowing all of the facts.

  19. Fighting for Brit’s rights is our one and only objective!!! From one of her softball coaches I am here to say as for me and the team we will not rest until he spends the rest of his life behind bars, Knowing how she was Anti everything there is no way in HELL she was learning how to use a gun she would never do that, I believe that in a rage/jealousy he lost his cool. There is NO unintentional shooting at all and he has changed his story 2 or 3 times….. That BOY (yes I said BOY because No responsible Man would point and pull the trigger at anyone) will get everything he deserves. Our deepest sympathy to her family. R.I.P Brit, Coach/Ma

  20. You people need to calm the fuck down, how about that. You’re being horrible. Stop attacking the reporter and stop attacking Norma. Reporters do this for everyone involved in an accident like this, and whether you want to admit it or not, this one is no different just because it was YOUR loved one. This kind of accident is SO common these days, how can you say it’s impossible and it wouldn’t happen to her, or even you?! And Norma, she was good enough to see it from both sides, unlike the majority of the absolutely hysterical and angry posts I’ve seen under this. Shame on you guys.
    It does seem like an accident. A VERY dumb, wreckless, and careless one, an accident that should never have happened, but an accident nonetheless. And he does deserve each and every charge against him stated in this article. I don’t know that guy at all, but I still offer my sincerest condolences to him and his loved ones. This is a tough thing to deal with, for all parties involved. I hope he learns from this, and comes out the other side a better, smarter man. This is a burden he and his family must carry for the rest of their lives.
    And for Koster.. I didn’t know her THAT well, friends of friends n whatever.. I went to school with her and we had the same name (same initials too) and she was always very cool and nice to me. I remember her fondly and always will, and this shocked me as much as any of you.. And I give my sincerest condolences to the family and close friends of Koster as well, but seriously.
    Your behavior here is incredibly disgusting and hateful.. I understand that you’re still shaken and very upset for what happened, but the things you are saying on here are not okay. Not okay at all. I don’t know what pedistal you people think you’re on, but this CAN and WILL happen to ANYONE if they are not properly educated on gun safety! And we all know how easy it is for any damn person to get a damn gun in this stupid broken country.
    If you want to get mad at me, that’s fine. I’m not going to take it seriously because, like I said, I know you’re all still very upset.. I just can’t stand to see a good, honest person like Norma be attacked like that when she was only offering a glimpse into the other side. Like her, I feel pain and sorrow for everyone involved.

    You’re fine Norma, and I believe you have no reason to apologize.

  21. People who are responsible gun owners do NOT point guns at others whether they are loaded or not. Even if there is a safety switch…you NEVER EVER point a gun at someone. EVER. Not even as a joke. Regardless of whether or not he meant to take her life, he had intention to do harm. Pointing a gun at someone can do emotional harm and cause a panic even if it never fires. Brittney was a great person and under no circumstances did she deserve to die.

  22. Wow! First let me say when I posted my comments I was not defending any wrongdoing! I was just saying that none of us was present when this all happened so we should not be so quick to make assumptions about what did or didn’t happen.
    How many times has things been reported in the media that was wrong? People take that information and run with it only sometimes to find out that the actual events were nowhere close to the facts. I was not there so I don’t know what happened.

    I apologize if my comments were taken the wrong way I am not trying to belittle this tragedy by no means I just feel that everyone needs to be sympathetic to everyone involved you can’t honestly think that his family and friends would ever want something like this to happen nobody would want for their children to go through this.

    So please accept my apologies if I offended anyone that was not my intention.

  23. Brittany was a beautiful person in and out, very kind and caring.this world would be a much better place if we had more like her.
    I hope this piece shit dies a horrible death

  24. Does that face look like someone who gives two shits about shooting his girlfriend in the neck? No….. it says oh well….. I have a feeling a whole lot more info is going to surface. This piece of shit picked up a pistol, pointed it at her neck and had to apply pressure on the trigger and murdered this poor girl. RIP I’m so sorry for what her family, friends, and loved ones are going through. May your hearts find peace somehow.

  25. How can you so ignorantly try to defend someone who pointed a REAL gun at their “significant other” regardless if it was loaded or unloaded. Further more, in addition to pointing he PULLED the trigger as well. The neck is a small target, and a trigger has a draw weight of a few pounds, it doesn’t just go off when touched. A good kid would know better, a good kid would have a solid understanding and respect for firearms, a good kid would have the common sense to prevent a situation like this from occurring. Don’t try to make him a victim or anything other than what he really is, a murderer. Doesn’t matter if it was intentional or not. If it wasn’t intentional then he should still be locked away from society because such gross negligence and disregard for another human’s well being let alone a “significant other” has no place in this world. There is NO EXCUSE.

  26. He IS a monster. What kind of person points a deadly weapon at another human without the intent to kill? A stupid dipshit monster. He took the life of a wonderful friend. Why should anyone care about his family? Her family lost someone special because this guy is an idiot who should have never owned a firearm.

  27. First off Norma, why did David point a gun at her in the first place? How could he have not known there wasn’t a bullet in the chamber?There are safely features and indicators that tell you if there is a bullet loaded. Why was the safety set off? Why was his finger on the trigger at all and again WHY WAS IT POINTED AT BRITTNEY? This was intentional in someway. Nobody points a gun at anyone without intent to do a malicious act. There was a reason he pointed a loaded gun at her. Even if you thought he was a good guy, it still doesn’t explain his logic. Doesn’t make sense at all. Some people have a dark side and you obviously didn’t know David’s dark side. He deserves the maximum sentence.

  28. This is such a sad sad thing for everyone involved. I had not met Brittany but I do know David and have since he was a little boy. He has been in this community all his life and never been anything but a good kid. So please don’t paint him out to be some kind of monster For you to say accidents don’t happen is crazy because they do! I understand there is a lot of hurt and unanswered questions about what happened we weren’t there so how can you pass judgment. Everyone needs to think about everyone that is involved in this like David’s parents, family, and friends this has rocked this little community and it’s heartbreaking for everyone. This family has been here all their lives and are good hardworking people who raised a good boy who would never intentionally hurt anyone.
    I’m so sorry about Brittany. I heard nothing but good things about her and I can’t imagine what her family is going through my heart goes out to them but I also know what this is doing to his family as well. The comment about showing no emotion did you ever stop to think he’s in shock what’s someone supposed to look like when arrested after something of this magnitude? All my point is it’s really easy to get on social media and bash someone because we are hurt and angry but you need to consider everything before doing that. I always try to ask myself what would my love one want me to do how would they want me to act? Would she really want you to be bashing him probably not. My thoughts and prayers for you all!

  29. I’m very disgusted with how this article was written. Have you no tact? The family of the victim is already riddled with tragedy and now the details of her death are displayed for all to see. I woukd also like to point out that it seems the article is poised to show the man’s “innocence”. This was no innocent accident. It was murder, due to carelessness and stupidity. Write better, do better for the victim and foe the family. Have a Damn heart for crying out loud.

  30. Look at this sack of shit, not even emotional that he just murdered his girlfriend. I hope you get caged and robbed of any type of life the same way you have robbed so many of theirs by taking Koster.

  31. We all knew Britney and we knew an accident like this wouldn’t happen to Brittany. Having said this it’s not possible that an accident accured . She was beautiful and smart, a person that strived to a great future, and brought you along for the ride. It will take time to heal from this tradigity but I’ll never forget what she did for us all. We all know more about love, family, dedication and striving for a better future… And it all came from an angle we never knew was Here until now.

  32. Involuntarily my ass!!! I hope you rot in prison or another “person” in prison turns you into one of their little boyfriends. What a coward. You took my sister-in-law from her parents, her family and her friends. She was 26 years old and will never feel the pleasure of having a wedding, being a mother or having grandkids. You’ve ripped her from the ones closest to her. She was an acomplished young lady months away from a Bachelor’s degree. She loved softball, volley ball and mostly her family and friends. You will never be forgiven because “accidents” don’t happen when dont point guns at people. Rest in peace Britney, we all love you.

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