Biz Bio: Warrenton Dermatology and Skin Therapy Center

Anita L. Sherman
Dr. Juan-Carlos Caballero heads up the Warrenton Dermatology and Skin Therapy Center. Anita L. Sherman

By Anita L. Sherman

You may have a medical reason to visit a dermatologist. Perhaps a nagging mole that needs a pre-cancer screening, severe case of acne, eczema, psoriasis or skin allergies. Or you may want a dermatologist to advise you on ways to rejuvenate your aging skin, get rid of some wrinkles or reduce those age spots and bring a youthful glow to your face.

At Warrenton Dermatology and Skin Therapy Center you will find both.

This year marks eight years that Dr. Juan-Carlos Caballero and his staff have provided skin care services to adults and children whether your need is medical, aesthetic or perhaps both.

Stepping into their offices in Warrenton, you will find yourself in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. The ambiance is soothing and energizing. It’s that feeling of rejuvenation and good health that Dr. Caballero hopes his patients achieve under his care.

A native of Peru, Dr. Caballero came to the United States at the age of 15. He attained his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology at George Mason University. From there he earned his Doctor of Medicine Degree from Howard University College of Medicine in Washington, D.C. His dermatology residency training was at Georgetown University Hospital and Washington Hospital Center, both in Washington, D.C.

His decision to focus on dermatology was the perfect combination for him.

“My interest was in general medicine and surgery…I believe that your skin is a reflection of your inner health…specializing in dermatology allows me to combine the best of both worlds — internal medicine and I’m able to do some surgery.”

What Dr. Caballero finds most rewarding with his practice is the visual component.

“You can have high cholesterol and [a doctor] can watch the numbers but with effective skin care you can see the results…acne reduced…wrinkles smoothed…it’s very satisfying, very rewarding work.”

With roots in Northern Virginia, Dr. Caballero anchored his practice in Warrenton as the result of a serendipitous meeting.

“After my residency I attended a career event in San Antonio…it was there that I met Dr. Lisa Sherman…oh, another dermatologist from Virginia… who had her practice in Warrenton but was relocating to New Hampshire…she suggested that I would be a good fit to take over her practice…the rest is history.”

Seventy-five to 80 percent of Dr. Caballero’s work involves general medical dermatology but the remaining 20-25 percent focuses on cosmetic treatments from laser hair reduction, photo enhancing topical medications, injectables like Botox and Juvederm, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion to one of the latest skincare technologies — Fraxel Dual. With this laser treatment both the surface and deeper layers of the skin are targeted to improve tone and texture and restore a youthful look.

This patented fractional technology targets damaged skin with microscopic laser columns that penetrate deep into the skin.

Dr. Caballero is an Expert Injector. By definition one who is board certified and administers only FDA-approved products and demonstrates extreme due diligence when it comes to patient safety and consumer education. There are more than 1.2 million doctors who are legally allowed to administer injectables in the United States. However, less than three percent are qualified to be an Expert Injector.

Dr. Caballero routinely sees patients where skin damage has already occurred from sun exposure, pollution, fatigue, stress and age.

“We only have this one skin — it’s so important to take care of it,” says Dr. Caballero who encourages patients to have yearly skin exams. “Melanoma is epidemic right now.”

Educating his patients is a gift that Dr. Caballero would like to share.

“If I get someone in here who is young — teenagers or perhaps in their early 20s — there is the opportunity to educate them about the dangers of tanning, sun exposure and environmental factors that can damage their skin. I want to increase awareness for all my patients to counteract and hopefully decrease risk factors for skin damage.”

Technological advances has made it possible to look younger and fight the effects of aging and/or damaged skin.

“It’s competitive in the job market, and many patients don’t feel their biological age. They want to look youthful — it’s a confidence booster,” says Dr. Caballero. Cosmetic treatments can improve the way you look and feel but they are not without risk.

Cosmetic procedures are medical procedures and the safety factor is another of Dr. Caballero’s pet peeves.

“You have to have an understanding of anatomy and what reactions can occur with various treatments and the products used…are they FDA approved…who is administering…are they what they say they are…there is very little regulation. And then there is the ethics component. I take this very seriously and focus on safety first.”

Offering a full range of services for skin care, Dr. Caballero welcomes new patients. With a growing and successful practice, his smile these days speaks volumes.  He also looks forward to welcoming a new member to the Caballero family. With four children — one daughter and three sons, baby number five is due in April.

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