Letter: Cell phones — who needs ’em?

There is a lot of conversation currently about adding cell phone towers to improve the performance on phones in the county. I’m writing to suggest another approach. First, two disclaimers: I used to own a cell phone, so I recognize their convenience. “I’m at the store. How’s our milk supply?” Also, I grew up when “telephone” meant a black instrument on a table in the hall. The new thing in my childhood was an extension phone in the bedroom, which guaranteed you could not reliably sleep through the night anymore.

This county is a rural, farming community with many hills and hollows — not ideal for cell phones. If you must use a cell phone for business, look at Warrenton or Culpeper. You’ll be happier there. If you’re addicted to the convenience and can’t wait until you get home to call, revisit the movie, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” There is a little girl in that movie who famously said, “I want it, Daddy, and I want it now!” As I recall, the results were not good.

If you still need help, look for a chapter of Cell Phones Anonymous.

Now of course, cellphones have become “smart.” I get email messages, “sent from my iPhone.” Wait until you get home! Spare me the thumb text that requires a dictionary and an interpreter.

Emergency services use radios, and there are federal standards for frequency and power to ensure that these services can communicate effectively. Cell phones are not an issue.

Cell phone service in Rappahannock County is not good, but maybe that’s okay.

Robert Burney

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  1. We could also go back to using smoke signals and drums but can you imagine the smog and noise if we were forced to? The other alternative are landlines and they horribly outdated and the phone company refuses to improve them. So, if you are between the ages of 13 and 70 you are out of luck in Rappahanock. Let’s try thinking outside our own box. I propose another revolutionary idea, why not bring affordable and effective web service to the county? Whether you like it or not communications are critical in this 21st century.

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