Letter: Less ‘data,’ more technology

I felt compelled to write and reason with C. Price regarding her latest anti-technology diatribe, (“Radiating Rappahannock,” Dec. 17)  but I realize I can’t reason someone out of something they weren’t reasoned into. I will, however, make four comments:

  1. Ms. Price presents a list of over a dozen ailments experienced by one child, followed by the question “Do you, or anyone you know, have these problems?” Honestly, it would be remarkable if there as anyone in Rappahannock who didn’t know someone with one or more of those problems. But the plural of anecdote is not data, and I’m pretty sure children have experienced rafts of various ailments which have come and gone without pattern or reason, in innumerable combinations, since the dawn of time.
  2. I can only speak for myself, but having viewed Ms. Price’s source material (referenced in this and previous letters) I simply do not find them credible, compelling, reproducible, falsifiable or remotely reliable.
  3. There’s an anecdotal mention of “many did not want” (wireless broadband), but how many of us desperately want an alternative to satellite or dial-up, something most Americans take for granted?
  4. How many of us in Rappahannock spend hours a day commuting to and from Northern Virginia for gainful employment? This employment might be available in county if we had decent broadband infrastructure. It is frustrating to have the the discussion of technological progress inflamed with spurious claims and fear-mongering when many of your fellow residents face an exponentially greater health risk simply commuting to cover the bills.

Dennis Kelly
Frustrated in Amissville