News about the News

In the little house on the corner of Main and Jett streets, our job is to cover the news, including news about the Rappahannock News. As we move into a new year, there will be some changes in our world.

Having edited this newspaper with distinction since 2010, Roger Piantadosi decided recently to step down at the end of the year. To say that Roger has done an admirable job is a vast understatement. Roger raised the quality of this newspaper, and he has been a great colleague. Luckily, Roger will remain involved with the paper, initially focusing on several web development projects, and then as a contributing writer. (A column from Roger is here.)

Returning to the News as our primary reporter, news gatherer and storyteller is a familiar face to many in the county, Alex Sharp VIII.

Alex Sharp VIII
Alex Sharp VIII

“I could not be more excited to return home to the Rappahannock News, to the mountains and hollows, to my family and friends,” Alex says. “It’s been an enlightening walkabout in the west, and a winding road since last I reported for this newspaper in 2012, but my journey lead me back, to where my lifeblood trickles from the mountainside into the Rush River, then to the Rappahannock River to the Bay and out to the wide ocean…I cannot wait to catch up with all that I’ve missed. There are amazing people in this county, and I hope to meet you all on my quest for stories that reflect the charismatic nature of our little corner of the world.”

I will become editor and publisher of the News, the linchpin of Rappahannock Media, which also publishes The Piedmont Virginian magazine and the Culpeper Times.

Thankfully, other things won’t change. Jan Clatterbuck remains the doer of so many essential tasks, including making sure this newspaper gets into your hands every week. And our valued band of columnists and contributors will continue to infuse these pages with the essence of this truly special place.

Now, on to a couple of other important things…Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!