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Andrew N. MorganAndrew N. Morgan

First of a periodic series: Nearly every week, we proudly feature the works of artists being exhibited in Rappahannock galleries. Occasionally, we’ll shine a wider spotlight on an artist whose creations are going on display this week.

THE EXHIBIT: Gay Street Gallery’s first winter show, Jan. 9 – March 21.

THE ARTIST: Andrew N. Morgan’s photography career began when he was appointed as the Ship’s Photographer while serving in the United States Navy aboard the USS Guardian. Post enlistment, his work developed into an art and has been cultivated into what he views as an extension of himself.

Binghamton, N.Y., native, Morgan holds a BS in Biology from Mary Washington College and currently lives in Culpeper. His work has shown in galleries in Manhattan, Scottsdale and throughout Virginia.

THE WORK: Influenced by his study of biology along with a love for the outdoors and fascination with what many may consider junk, Morgan transforms his images into works of art by casting life into them by capturing light, richly saturated colors and atmospheric conditions. Focuses include abandoned homes, agricultural buildings, open farm lands throughout rural Virginia and junkyards. In his most recent exhibit, Forsaken, he captures nature’s effects on once prized possessions, the automobile.

Andrew N. MorganAndrew N. Morgan

Artist’s statement: “So much time has passed since I’ve seen the road. I can still hear the music roaring out of my speakers and the laughter from within. I sit alone in a field surrounded with others abandoned like me as time flies by. The once hypnotic rain now beats down, finding every possible way to soak me from the inside. Where kids once watched the droplets race down, now lays scattered on the dirt. I can feel the sun crack and peel my skin, giving me a texture only a few will come to love.  My eyes have grown cloudy and nature obstructs my view. I can hear his footsteps as he approaches and it brings me hope. He stops and fumbles around in front of me only to take a memory and show what I’ve become.” — Andrew N. Morgan

Andrew N. MorganAndrew N. Morgan

Andrew N. MorganAndrew N. Morgan
Photographed in Columbia and Amherst, Va.
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