Letter: Re-dialing: Bad cell service is not ‘okay’

I’m responding to Robert Burney [Cell phones — who needs ’em?, Dec. 24].

His last paragraph, “Cell phone service in Rappahannock County is not great, but maybe that’s okay,” is easy for him to say, as he must not be running a business. And he suggests if I need a cell phone for business, I take my business to Culpeper or Warrenton.

If I move my construction business, and all the businesses in the county move, will I still be expected to be a board member of CCLC and donate money and time helping with building and maintenance? Will we still donate to RAWL? Will we sponsor little league teams, donate to the Rappahannock Lions Club, the fire departments, and the high school sports program. Will we attend the Benevolent Fund dinner to help raise money for that fund? Will we pay for ads in all the Ki Theatre programs? Would I have donated a file cabinet to the Food Pantry and donated $500 to sponsor the Christmas parade. Would we donate to 4H camp? Would I, as a member of The Infamous Lunch Bunch, helped sponsor a Soap Box Derby car and formed a team for the annual breast cancer walk and set up my flat bed trailer for the folks to use at the breast cancer walk?  

Too many folks go out of the county for services, when qualified services are here, but they still expect the local businesses to contribute, contribute and contribute.

Butch Zindel

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