Letter: Responding to attacks

I want to thank all the people who have spoken out against microwave radiation technology in recent years. I won’t name them, but they know who they are. Most are still in the county. They stopped speaking out, writing letters, or attending meetings because, as some told me, they were treated badly, disrespected, or not listened to by those whose responsibility it is to listen, such as our representatives or the technology companies.

I also want to thank those who have told me how much they appreciate my letters on this subject.

I want to address Dennis Kelly of Amissville, who I do not know, because of his three vicious attacks on me.

I read his past letters to this newspaper. Four attacked so-called “conservative Republicans,” one the DARE program, and three attacked me.

They were all hatchet jobs — defamatory, ridiculing, bitter, negative and full of lies. Jim Gannon’s was the worst. I urge people to go and read it. Just put Dennis Kelly in the search box at rappnews.com and bring it, and his other letters, up. I guess I am in good company. Mr. Kelly never gives any sources of his own, he offers no positive solutions, he does not mention his own credentials, he does not attend hearings or meetings on the subject, and he is not informed about the issues.

He criticized the sources I gave to the public for self-education. He used the standard propaganda used by the for-profit telecommunications companies: non-credible. My sources are ALL credible, half of them I know personally, and most of them are retired experts acting for free because of concern about this issue.  They are some of the finest people around.

A few examples: Ron Powell, PhD Physics, Harvard University; retired government scientist, Frank Clegg, Ex-CEO Microsoft Canada and founder of c4st.org (Canadians for Safe Technology); and Dr. David Carpenter, director of the Institute for Health and Environment and professor of environmental health sciences, University of Albany, N.Y. There are many more.

Mr. Kelly’s criticism of Cindy Sage, Sage and Associates, came word for word from Wikipedia. He did not read their Bioinitiative Report which is offered for free online. They are widely respected in the community of those concerned about wireless technology.

The symptoms I listed were those of microwave poisoning. It is not “normal” to live with such symptoms.  And there are mortality statistics from the cancers and other problems caused by this technology (ex: cellphonetaskforce.org). Again, Mr. Kelly did not do any research.

With all Mr. Kelly’s demand for credible sources, the telecommunications companies offer NONE. They propagandize non-stop on television, and had to try to outlaw all discussion of health and environmental effects precisely because they are guilty of both.

Technology that does harm is not “progress,” especially when there are safe alternatives.

I will not read anything else Mr. Kelly writes, and I urge others not to read him either.

Thank you.

C. Price

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