Photos: Unleaded Cuisine

The Farm at Sunnyside

w_pic-sunnyside7c_insetA couple of days before Christmas, wildlife cameras at The Farm at Sunnyside captured two bald eagles, a red tailed hawk, several ravens and a collection of crows negotiating over a fresh carcass. Sunnyside’s Nick Lapham writes the cameras are, “an effort to promote the use of non-toxic ammunition by giving a face to the wide range of animals that feed on carrion here in Rappahannock. We only allow the use of copper bullets, as lead poisoning is a leading cause of death for eagles and other birds of prey…Over time, we’ve accumulated a remarkable array of photographs that make a strong case for lead-free hunting.  They have also given us fascinating insight into the hierarchy and habits of our native predators and scavengers, as well as a set of images that are just plain beautiful to look at.”w_pic-sunnyside7b

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