Two arraigned for racing on 211

In Rappahannock District Court Tuesday (Jan. 5) Judge J. Gregory Ashwell presided over a diverse docket of charges including high-speed racing, assault and battery, marijuana and underage alcohol possession, and DWI, among others.

Gwang Ming Chiang of Centerville and Adyan Igorevich Urkhusov of Fairfax were arraigned on charges of racing and other misdemeanors. According to the complaints filed by Master Deputy Sheriff W.M. Frost of the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office, on Nov. 26 Chiang and Urkhusov, both 20, were racing each other on Route 211 from Fauquier County into Rappahannock, where they were arrested. Frost first observed the two driving side-by-side at 74 mph in the 55 mph zone; the drivers increased their speeds. Chiang was clocked at 98 and Urkhusov at 115 mph.

Chiang was also charged with driving without a valid license, Urkhusov with reckless driving at speeds over 100 mph and driving without headlights after sunset. Their cases were continued to Feb. 16.

Charles Mark Frinks, 53, of Huntly, pleaded guilty to a first incidence of DWI and was sentenced to 90 days in jail (all suspended). His driver’s license was suspended for 12 months, but he may apply for a restricted license for certain limited uses. He was also ordered to have an ignition device installed on his car and complete the state’s alcohol education program, VASAP. Additional charges of failure to stop at the scene of an accident and operating a vehicle while texting were dropped.

Cesar Enrique Garcia, 32, of Sperryville, pleaded guilty to marijuana possession and driving without a license and was ordered to pay $250 in fines. Additional charges of driving with an improper registration, title or license plate and driving an uninsured vehicle were dropped.

Samantha Kay Sprouse, 32, of Castleton, was arraigned on a misdemeanor assault and battery charge. Her case was continued to Feb. 16.

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