Étienne Carjat

Break bread with a Muslim

His name is Emir Abdelkader, which means “servant of God.” As a theocrat, he is a John Winthrop; as a father of his country, a George Washington, and as a chivalrous warrior who fought the good fight but did not believe in useless suffering, a Robert E Lee. […]

Larry Sherertz

Wild Ideas: Ah, spring

Temps were hovering around 70, and, up on the mountain, hepatica and mushrooms were blooming and wood frogs are calling for mates. Down on my deck, some unidentified little black bugs were biting the heck out of me as I sit enjoying a nice beer in my shirtsleeves. What a wonderful spring day — except it was December 27. […]


Inside this week’s News (Jan. 7)

This week’s headlines: Supervisors return EMS money; State adds fifth Rapp site to Landmarks Register; Two arraigned for racing on 211; The Rapp: A new year for Second Friday, openings on Gay St. and at Middle St.; Wild Ideas: Ah, spring

The Rapp

The Rapp for Jan. 7

  At the library, a new year for Second Friday Rappahannock’s own Bill Dietel will speak at the Second Friday at the Library series, Friday, Jan. 8, at 8 p.m. Dietel is a leading philanthropist […]


Gallery: Off road

First of a periodic series: Nearly every week, we proudly feature the works of artists being exhibited in Rappahannock galleries. Occasionally, we’ll shine a wider spotlight on an artist whose creations are going on display this week. First up, photographer Andrew N. Morgan, who is part of Gay Street Gallery’s winter exhibit. […]