Please help the babies

Kay Wilson at the Kings Children’s Home last year.
Kay Wilson at the Kings Children’s Home last year.

Last year, I visited the Kings Children’s Home in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. I hand delivered donated funds to this home for abandoned and abused babies from Trinity Church, individual parishioners, family members, and many other Rappahannockers. We hope to send more support this February, in the form of a lump sum to minimize banking costs.

Some babies are abandoned by prostitutes, others have HIV, many are born to young teenagers, a few are dying. Many are found in bushes on the side of the rural roads; most are brought for safe keeping to Kings by the police or social workers. None of the babies, of the Xhosa tribe, are wanted by their people. The problem of abandoned and abused babies is of horrific proportions in this rural area, ironically close to the home of Nelson Mandela.

Tracy, who with husband Pastor Jonathan King has three natural born children plus five adopted babies of her own, currently has room for an additional 24 babies in the safe houses. Tracy also runs a preschool for needy area toddlers, and delivers food and clothing to a thousand destitute families in five nearby villages.

The babies are loved, held and nurtured, fed and clothed, talked to and sung to. All is remarkably calm inside the safe houses, where Tracy and her wonderful Xhosa nannies look after the babies with the goal of finding a permanent adoptive home for each baby before it becomes too old to be desirable.

With a currently very weak South African Rand, your donated dollars will go a long way to help the babies. $45 will support one baby or toddler for a month. $30 pays for one nanny per month. The babies need your support and prayers. Please consider making a difference.

If you would like to help, please send your tax deductible charitable contribution to Trinity Church, P.O. Box 299, Washington, VA 22747. Or hand to Russ Collins or to me. Make checks payable to Trinity Outreach, and designate “Kings Children’s Home” in the memo.

— Kay M. Wilson

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