Letter: On March 1, don’t be left out

On Tuesday, March 1, the voters of Rappahannock County will have the opportunity to vote in a dual presidential primary. What this means is that Democrats and Republicans can go to their polling places and cast ballots that will decide who their respective delegations from Virginia will support at their national conventions in July. The nominees picked at each convention will then square off in the fall for the November election. In other words, Virginia is doing what New Hampshire and South Carolina did in previous weeks.

So, if you want to send Hillary and Bill Clinton back to the White House or yearn for a revolution and Feel the Bern for Sanders, then vote March 1st. If like Donald Trump,  you believe it’s time to Make America Great Again, or you Trust Ted Cruz, then vote March 1st. If you believe Marco Rubio can deliver another American Century, John Kasich is the man, or just love Ben Carson, then vote March 1st.  

And because a majority in the United States Senate have refused to do their job and fulfill their duty to the Constitution, this choice really matters now more than ever, since it will very likely decide the direction of the Supreme Court for decades to come.  

The hard lesson of democracy is this: either you decide or someone else will decide for you. Don’t be left out.

Fred Schaefer

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