Dennis Brack

Foothills Forum Survey, Part Three: Frozen in time?

Folks who’ve never stepped foot in Rappahannock may have seen it. In nighttime photos taken from space, the county is one of those few, conspicuous dark spots amid a blaze of yellow lights illuminating the East Coast from Miami to Maine. Just about everyone wants to keep it that way. […]

Sperryville Column

Sperryville column for April 21

New happenings at Before & After espresso bar Before & After, the magical espresso bar at 31 Main Street, owned by Kerry Sutten and run by Jess Sutten, his beautiful niece, is now offering delectable delights such […]

Dennis Brack
Clark Hollow Ramblings

Richard Brady: And the survey says?

I lament, again, what a shameful waste of charitable funds. You will have to excuse me now while I get my dictionary out and look up “privacy.” I seem to have forgotten what it means. I invite those who think there is anything new or of any value in this endeavor to look up “un-freaking-believable.” […]

Dennis Brack

Foothills Forum Survey: Life in the Jewel of Virginia

An unprecedented survey mailed to every household in Rappahannock County found that respondents treasure the beauty that surrounds them, the privacy they enjoy in one of Virginia’s least populated and unspoiled places, and the spirit of volunteerism that has neighbor helping neighbor. […]

Photo by Dennis Brack
Foothills Forum

Opinion: ‘The voice of the people’

The Foothills Forum survey’s headlines: We love this place. We value our privacy. We like our services. We’re more disposed to change than you might have heard. And with nearly 1,400 households responding, a rate more than doubling expectations, all manner of interests now have real numbers to back their causes. […]