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A message from the Northern Piedmont Community Foundation:

Dear Friends:

It’s hard to believe that so much earnest effort to plan and prepare could find us at 6:30 on May 3rd still experiencing significant issues with the giving day website.

For those unaware, we are among 60 other communities across the US who have been challenged by website issues today. Starting late morning, we experienced donation forms that do not load at all, or forms that load incorrectly. Donor Reports are temporarily unavailable. Our website vendor, Kimbia, has not been able to determine when the issues will be fully resolved, but they have made some progress on our behalf.

Thank you to everyone who has called or emailed your support as we take action to move forward with this event. Our goals are to keep Give Local Piedmont 2016 as positive and beneficial for nonprofits and donors as possible, and because it is a competition, we want to take every step to keep it fair.

At the Northern Piedmont Community Foundation, we take on challenges faced by donors and try to make giving easy. We can’t go back and achieve that for some of you with today’s event, but we can do some things to smooth the way going forward.

Here are the steps we will take:

• Extend Give Local Piedmont past midnight tonight to end at 7:00PM tomorrow, May 4th.

• We will only accept online donations during this extension (not checks).

• In lieu of the last three “Power Hours”, which we will be unable to award, offer “Patience Prizes” of $1,000 each to the top three nonprofits receiving the most unique gifts between 12:01 AM and 7:00 PM May 4th.

We recommend that you take the following steps:

• Please send your inquiries to us in the form of email to Include as much identifying information as possible.

• Check Facebook for additional updates you can share.

• Continue to THANK your generous donors, particularly for their patience and persistence with this issue.

• Make sure to tell the story of what an amazing problem this is to have – so much generosity that it overloaded the website? We thought it was impossible!

Again, thank you for your own patience and generosity. This is a marathon and you all are star athletes. We are humbled by the positivity and enthusiasm that you continue to display.


Jane Bowling-Wilson, Executive Director

Tanya Paull, Project Manager

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