To the friends and neighbors of Eldon Farms

As you drive through our beautiful Rappahannock County, you may have noticed that we have been improving parts of Eldon Farms over the past several months. Why? Cattle prices have been up in recent years and we’ve decided it’s a wise use of our gains to reinvest time, energy and cash into the property as we steward the largest wide-open space in Rappahannock.

We’ve been doing this by improving access to the property in the form of farm roads to areas that were not previously accessible by vehicle. We also have been cleaning overgrown fence lines and moving fences to exclude livestock from creeks to better safeguard the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

These long-term improvements to the property stem from the love of both the owners and the employees for the rural nature of Rappahannock County. Although we are often a silent owner, we are committed over the long term to maintaining the views, water and agriculture of this area for all of us.

John Genho, general manager
Eldon Farms, Woodville

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