Such wonderful Rappahannock memories

From a 1958 edition of the Rappahannock News.
From a 1958 edition of the Rappahannock News.

Last night as I sat reading the Rappahannock News, skimming actually, as I cannot seem to keep up with all the reading material which demands my attention, I came across the article Jan Clatterbuck had written, “A Stroll Down Memory Lane.” I quickly joined Jan on that trip back in time, and like her, I experienced incredibly good memories.

In addition to Mrs. Quaintance and Mrs. Kilby, I remember Mrs. Christine Johnston and Mrs. Mathilda Walker putting their hearts and souls into the artwork and music to make that day so special. I think we all learned valuable lessons as we tried to exhibit our best behavior and prepared to present to the entire community our annual May Day program. To this day, when I hear oldies like “Bicycle Built for Two” or “This Land is Your Land,” I imagine students acting out the words with skits across the stage.

That stage was huge to an elementary student such as myself but now when I visit the old auditorium at the Sperryville Elementary School, it almost looks like it has shrunk! Did all those acts really fit on the stage? Of course, as part of the May Day Court, I know we had seats of honor on the sidelines to watch all the wonderful festivities.

Thank you so much, Jan, for sharing this memory and picture, which I actually have saved in a scrapbook somewhere, from when it originally appeared in the Rappahannock News. Those were such special times and were so much a part of what growing up in Rappahannock meant to us as children. I left Rappahannock right after high school and only visit occasionally but have never forgotten what a wonderful childhood I had being nurtured by such caring people. I think as children we were very good too as none of us wanted Mrs. Quaintance to catch us in her sights over her glasses!

Please keep up the great work of sharing life in Rappahannock both present and past. It is most appreciated.

Your fellow classmate of 1973,

Charla Sisk Cordle
Charles City County, Va.

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