Thanks, but no thanks

Right on, Roger! Re: last week’s editorial-page column, well said and well worth saying.

I stopped being a RappNet subscriber when the sludge and muck got too deep to slog through to reach the community news. It isn’t just the newspaper on the receiving end of invective. Anyone who disagrees with the arbiters becomes a target for name calling, belittling and insults. Motives are impugned, integrity is questioned, baseless accusations are lodged. And if you take exception to the meanness, you are “thin skinned.” Disagree without being disagreeable? Not in this forum, where smarminess counts.

I miss the up-to-the-minute reports on stuff like road closures and Panther sports but not that much. Not enough to return to . . . wait, wait, let me borrow from their online style book . . . to return to CrapNet.

Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll stick with the Rappahannock News.

Daphne Hutchinson