More gun laws? Wrong answer.

ltr-odenkirk-23WI haven’t sent a letter to the editor in response to an opinion piece in about 20 years, but the whining drivel from Ellie Clark and Megan Smith has put me back at the keyboard. “Oh — if only a certain configuration of firearm were banned — we would not have such senseless shooting tragedies.” The extent of ignorance and complacency is simply stunning.

The idiot from Orlando would have found whatever he needed to carry out his task. Did they use guns in Boston? The Orlando shooter was well connected to terror groups and could have easily gotten whatever he needed on the black market. How is the war on heroin going? Heard that was illegal. The true tragedy of the situation was that nobody in the nightclub was carrying a firearm, or many lives could have been saved.

We have a Second Amendment to the United States Constitution here, so if you don’t like it, please move back to, or stay in, the U.K., where you are apparently from. So — yes … please do call your representatives and tell them to pass laws to allow for increased reciprocity for concealed carry and continue to protect the rights of citizens to protect themselves and you (God forbid you need it someday). I expect this kind of gun­ prohibitionist rant on the pages of the New York Times (which is why I don’t read that paper), but was shocked to see such a diatribe here.

Thank you.

John Odenkirk

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