Washington column for July 21

A dedicated Inn employee

Talk about a loyal employee: Executive steward Beverly Exline will celebrate her 23th year this Saturday (July 23) of working at The Inn at Little Washington.

Beverly first worked for the Inn from Oct. 1988 until June 2000, when she left to go to work up the street for the Rappahannock County Sheriff’s Office as a dispatcher for several years. She returned to the Inn in July 2005.

‎From left, executive sous chef Andrew Wright, Beverly Exline and Chef Patrick O’Connell pose in the Inn's kitchen.
‎From left, executive sous chef Andrew Wright, Beverly Exline and Chef Patrick O’Connell pose in the Inn’s kitchen. By Rachel Hayden/The Inn at Little Washington

For all those years, in my mind, she has exceeded every expectation asked of her at her job. She is dependable, hardworking, and most importantly, she is loved by her employees. According to Rachel Hayden, director of public relations for the Inn, “no one works harder than Beverly.”

I would like to believe that she is just as appreciated by the management staff she works under. She is the kind of employee that is so rare to find these days.

“For 23 years, Beverly has helped keep our kitchen running smoothly. She has a wonderful work ethic, and her efficiency and positive attitude are a shining example for the rest of our team. Her cheerfulness is contagious. Everyone here is grateful for her many years of hard work and dedication.” said Chef Patrick O’Connell.

Beverly has succeeded, she had found something to hold on to, something to motivate her, something to inspire her, a job she loves very much. Every time I have heard Beverly talk about the Inn, she has nothing but good things to say.

When the Inn changed their uniforms to the cow print, I remember asking her if she was embarrassed to wear those pants. She came back with an answer that put me in my place. She was not embarrassed at all, she said, but was proud to wear them.

Beverly would do anything for you if she could. Her days off, she is running here and there, taking her grandmother and mother to the doctor. She barely has any time in the day for herself, but never complains about anything. You can always depend on Beverly making it to work; if the ground was covered with snow or drifts, as long as the Inn was open, she is there. Beverly lives in Washington with her husband Doug, her son Andrew and beautiful granddaughter, Aubrey, who is her pride and joy.

Some people make the world special just by being in it. I have to say that Beverly is one of those special people and I am proud to know her.