Are cell phone towers a risk to your health?

Note: These links are provided as a supplement to Part 2 of the series “Rappahannock’s Digital Dilemma.”

While most major health organizations, such as the American Cancer Society and the World Health Organization, say that scientific evidence does not show cell phone towers cause health problems, other experts are more skeptical. Here are articles on both sides of the issue, plus reporting on the recent study on rats and cell phones.

Cellular Phone Towers and Cancer (American Cancer Society)

Electromagnetic Fields and Public Health: Mobile Phones (World Health Organization)

Researcher’s Strong Signal on Cell Phone Risk (CNET)

Health Effects From Cell Phone Tower Radiation (GeoEngineering Watch)

Cell Phone Study (National Toxicology Program)

Questions and Answers on the New Study Linking Cell Phones and Cancer in Rats (New York Times)

A Connection Between Cell Phones and Cancer Has Been Found. Should We Be Worried? (MIT Technology Review)

Cell Phones and Cancer: 9 Things You Should Know Right Now (CNET)

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