Down Memory Lane for July 28 

March 29, 1995

Twenty-five men of the 7th Tennessee A Company Civil War re-enactment group practiced in the hills of Flint Hill last weekend. They set up their camp Ken Gilpin’s front yard. He is one of the members. Everything about the group is authentic, down to the canteens and campfire.

The men marched on land adjoining Mr. Gilpin’s and practiced actual battlefield maneuvers, along with volley firing, when everyone shoots their weapons at once. They use only black powder, and the rifles are equipped with bayonets. They perform 18 re-enactments in a year, up and down the east coast. Mr. Gilpin said that the biggest re-enactment, with 10,000 troops, is held in October in Nashville, Tennessee. They tried to have the re-enactments on the actual dates the battles took place, and on the actual battlefields.

Fourth-grader Ralph Pace got to be principal for a day last Friday at Rappahannock County Elementary School. He won the honor by selling the most magazine subscriptions in the recent magazine drive at the school. Ralph provided an extra recess period for his fellow fourth graders and a break for fourth grade teachers. Meanwhile, Principal David Smith attended some of Ralph’s classes.

March 29, 1995: Richard, Ester, Helen and Bubby Settle stand outside Settle’s Grocery and Garage on U.S. 522 in Flint Hill.
March 29, 1995: Richard, Ester, Helen and Bubby Settle stand outside Settle’s Grocery and Garage on U.S. 522 in Flint Hill. From the Rappahannock News archives

Settle’s Grocery and Garage in Flint Hill is a business that has grown to include several members of one family. Richard and Ester Settle bought the building in November 1973 and made it into a grocery store. Both had experience with other grocery stores. Settle worked previously at Ben Venue Store, and Mrs. Settle had worked at Laurel Mills Store. Mr. and Mrs. Settle lived in the little house next to the store for 18 years, but not long ago moved to their farm on Route 637.

Their son Bubby runs the garage and used car and truck business located right next to the store, and Mr. Settle helps with both. He is also a farmer. Their daughter Tammy worked in the store with Mrs. Settle until about three years ago, before moving to Front Royal. Now seven employees, full-time and part-time, put in plenty of hours each week taking care of the store, with help from all of the Settle family.

June 25, 1970

Miss Lucy Estes of Washington has been cited for fifty years service as a registered nurse. The citation, a pin and letter of commendation, came from the Alumni Association of the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond.

When the medical college hospital was opened, Miss Estes nursed the first patient admitted to the facility, Mrs. Smithdeal, who was the wife of the founder and president of the business college in Richmond which bears his name. She nursed in many hospitals in that area including one which specialized in treating cancer patients. Miss Lucy, though she will be 81 on July 27, is spry as a cricket. She loves to have visitors for she does not have means of travel. In addition to her housework, she keeps agile by tending her vegetable garden.

Rose Hill, for more than a century a historic and gracious landmark in the county, long admired by natives and visitors alike and the central attraction of two house tours, has been sold.

Mr. and Mrs. William C. (Will) Hall, who tastefully restored the stately early Victorian brick and stone manor house after buying it in 1947, are moving to Warrenton where they have purchased an attractive modern home at 1 Bear Wallow Drive.

Mr. Hall, who is 83, will be closer there to the golf course he frequents so often and where he still more than holds his own with an average score of 95 to 100 for the 18 holes. Mrs. Hall plans to carry on her active interest in gardening.

The new owners of Rose Hill, which comprises 100 acres located west of Massies Corner on U. S. 211 and 522 are Michael D. and Linda E. Bentley. Linda is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Edwin Eastham of Rappahannock and Front Royal, and Michael is a son of the late congressman, Alvin W. Bentley, and Mrs. Bentley of Michigan. They plan to move into Rose Hill after making some additions that will be in complete conformity with the post-Civil War style of architecture.