Your Next Best Friend: Pudgy


Hello, Rappahannock! I’m so happy to be the RAWL dog of the week ’cause I know my people are out there and now they’ll know about me. My name is Pudgy and I’m a 10-month-old bulldog mix, several breeds all squished into a compact little love bug . . . me! I love other dogs and cats, too, and, of course, humans. Why don’t you come by and meet me and we’ll go for a walk in the woods? I’m your perfect tootle-along walking buddy.

This week, two of my canine colleagues were joined with new owners. The Rappahannock Animal Welfare League (RAWL), 160 Weaver Rd., Amissville, is open 8 to 1 daily. Call 540-937-3283 or visit

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