The pasture is prologue

On Aug. 25, a letter [“Trump supporters’ signs taken”], written by Ms. Evelyn Kerr, the chair of the Rappahannock County Republican Party, stated that two Trump signs had been taken from properties in Castleton and Washington. The body of the letter appears to call for civility, but at the end, she writes, “Sadly, such incidents have occurred during previous elections and appear to be related to the acts of one specific party.”

Which party, Ms. Kerr? Are you accusing the Green Party? The Independent Green Party? The Libertarian Party? The Constitutional Party? Or are you talking about (wink-wink) the Democratic Party?

A number of years ago a farmer with road frontage let me put cardboard signs on a board fence that surrounded a large field. A week later I drove by the site and the signs had been torn down. I got out of my car, cleaned up the mess and put up new signs. This happened several more times.

I was really upset, wondering who was tearing up our Democratic signs. Then it hit me: The cows in the field were eating the signs! I thought, just my luck, I managed to pick a field with a herd of Republican cows. I always wondered if those cows were registered.

Just like me and those cows, Ms. Kerr has no idea what happened to those signs. I can give at least half a dozen ideas of what might have happened to those signs, and none of them have anything to do with the Democratic Party. Please, Ms. Kerr, stop the innuendo and the finger-pointing.

(Disclosure: I am a member of the Democratic State Central Committee and the Democratic 5th District Congressional Committee. All thoughts expressed above are strictly my own.)

Hank Gorfein

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