Retiring (again), but not from life or the community

At the age of 96 I have decided to this time truly retire as of Sept. 30 this year — after having had an honorable discharge from the U.S. Army in 1946 — on to my being an executive with the Boy Scouts of America in three different councils, a director of public relations for the New York State Department of Education, a federal research psychologist for the U.S. Army Research Institute and, ultimately, from my final career, 25 years as a clinical psychologist in Warrenton, Virginia. I thank the thousands of patients I treated in this last responsibility for showing faith in me.

This decision was made partly because of my age and partly because of my desire to move on to other interests. In line with my doctoral specialization I continue to be concerned about the need for promoting lifespan development as well as the allied need to prevent drug abuse.

Please do not misunderstand this notice. I have not retired from life or from the community. It would be great to hear occasionally from any of my friends and/or former patients along with my regular communication with my grandchildren and great-grandchildren in upstate New York. I would enjoy speaking before your organization at any time. You choose the topic. Email me at

My life has centered around this area for 35 years. This is my final home. Thank you for your warm friendship.

Robert B. Iadeluca, Ph.D.

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