Grateful to one and all

On Sept. 8, I had a very serious accident on Keyser Run Road near where I live. The volunteers from the Washington Fire and Rescue were there quickly and took control of the situation. I did not want to go to the hospital, but after monitoring my heart rhythm they strongly suggested I go get checked out. Quickly and efficiently they took me off to the emergency room in Front Royal. The doctor there ordered a CAT scan of my chest and neck and discovered that I had broken my sternum. The heart is located just behind the sternum and probably received some trauma from pressure that broke the bone. The doctors suggested I stay in the hospital so they could continue to monitor me. Thank God everything was normal and I was released the next day.

I just want to say that I am so grateful for all the support and help I received from my Rappahannock friends and neighbors. Thank you, Ross and Virginia (emergency techs). Thank you, Sean Knick (driver of the rescue squad). Thank you, Jeanie and Dick McNear, who cared for me in their home until rescue arrived. Thank you, Susanna Barnes (who took me and one of my dogs to the house and did everything she could to help out). Thank you, Ricki Pullen, who was there at the scene and helped me think logically. Thank you, Lee Freeman, who took my injured dog to Rose Hill Vet Clinic. Thank you to my son-in-law Arnold Williams and my daughter Nancie, who stayed by my side until I got home. Thank you to my wife Wanda, who had to make some very tough decision under very stressful conditions. (Even though exhausted herself, she was there every step of the way.) Thank you to all of you who came to visit, sent me food, well wishes and telephone calls. Thank you!

I understand we are having a crisis in Rappahannock with fire and rescue. It is times like these that make you understand how important these services are. I urge everyone to do whatever we can to support them . If you can’t volunteer, maybe you can support financially or perhaps you could help with fundraising or do administrative work. Whatever it takes, we need to keep these services alive and well. I also want to say thank you, Gary Jenkins, for your service. I know you are going through some tough times. I am praying for healing and a quick recovery.

Thanks again to one and all, and God bless!

Sam Snead

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