Washington column for Sept. 29

Busy weekend in Washington

Beautiful fall weather brought people out in the town of Washington this weekend, including visitors who were here for the annual Farm Tour and for the Inn’s weekly Village Market. There was also a nice gathering Sunday afternoon for the community picnic at Rappahannock County Park.

The Bean Hollow Boys entertain at Rappahannock County Park on Sunday afternoon, including (from left) Richard Brady, Lowell Kline, Tyler Johnson and Doug Bywaters.
The Bean Hollow Boys entertain at Rappahannock County Park on Sunday afternoon, including (from left) Richard Brady, Lowell Kline, Tyler Johnson and Doug Bywaters. By Roger Pierson

At least seven churches took part in the picnic, including Washington Baptist Church, Reynolds Memorial Baptist Church, United Methodist Charge (Sperryville, Flint Hill, Willis Chapel), Trinity Episcopal Church, Saint Peter Catholic Church, Unitarian Universalists of the Blue Ridge and Macedonia Baptist Church. About 80 folks, young and old, came out for the joyous occasion.

Hamburgers and hot dogs were provided by Washington Baptist member Randall Updike. Grilling was done by Jan and Darren McKinney. The event was coordinated among the churches by Mary Bailey. Each family brought a covered dish. Desserts were provided by various people, including special pies baked by the “famous” Mary Frances Bywaters. I can still remember how good those pies tasted, when we were both working at the Aileen plant she would bring some to work. Sometimes I would eat dessert first, just to get a piece of my favorite, lemon meringue.

Pastor Walt Childress and Jon Heddleston had games for everyone to enjoy, including Kan Jam (played in a similar fashion to doubles tennis).  The Bean Hollow Boys, along with David Clanagan and Love Faithfulness Church Choir, provided the bluegrass and gospel music.

According to Sam Snead, everyone seem to enjoy themselves. Thanks, Sam, for the information, and Roger Pierson for the photos.

Union Bank’s Max

Guess who is back filling in at the bank? Yes, Max Malmgren from the Union Bank & Trust branch in Warrenton, while Sherry Cillo is on vacation this week. Thanks to Mike Leake, who brought Max back to help out. Now Mike, the bank would be complete if you only would bring him back full time at the Rappahannock branch. Everyone just loves Max.

‘The most important election’

For the Rappahannock Historical Society’s annual meeting Oct. 9, “The most important election — that no one knows about” will be a talk by Peter Luke, county attorney, who’ll reprise his article originally published in the Rappahannock News on Oct. 30, 2014. It tells the story of this “most important election” and its historical significance, at the historical society’s annual membership meeting — 2 p.m. Oct. 9 at the Washington Town Hall.

Given the current election fever, it will be a timely and fascinating history lesson. Though the candidates and voting public might think the 2016 presidential election is the most important ever; the very first election in 1789 may be even more so, especially the outcome in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District. It had a lot to do with the consensus that the Constitution needed amendments guaranteeing individual rights, and what those rights should be. And it had a lot to do with political differences and rivalries among James Madison, James Monroe and Patrick Henry.

From the creation and ratification of the Constitution, many of our founding fathers — particularly George Washington — abhorred the development of political parties or factions. Nonetheless, various leaders had gathered into two distinct political groups: the Federalists and the anti-Federalists. Madison was a Federalist and Monroe had joined the anti-Federalists, of whom Patrick Henry was a leader. Henry was determined to keep Madison out of either the Senate or the House. His candidate for the House was Monroe.

Come and hear about Henry’s reasons, his plotting and machinations; the campaign and the debates outside in the bitter cold of winter between the two candidates at the Hebron Lutheran Church; and of course, the results!

Refreshments will be served. A $10 donation is suggested.

Birthday wishes

Birthday wishes go out to a friend, Jay Brown, who celebrates his birthday today (Thursday, Sept. 29). Happy Birthday, Jay!

Enjoy the cool weather, and have a wonderful week!