A proud moment

I attended the Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors meeting Monday afternoon and I’m very proud of my fellow citizens.

The board is confronted with a frivolous lawsuit that vindictively sues each member personally. It has sown dissension in our community. On their own, dozens of citizens showed up at the public comment session to lend support to the board. It was an overwhelming and spontaneous show of support for the board, county attorney and county administrator. There were old-time county residents, “come heres,” business people, young folks and retirees — people from all parts of Rappahannock. Folks realized our government officials need support in the face of a few people who feel legal action is preferable to constructive discussion.

Aline Johnson of Sperryville gave poignant recollection of how citizens and government worked together only a few years ago. She remembered visiting her supervisor and having discussions and disagreements about issues. At the end of the conversation, she recollected the supervisor saying, “Thanks for your thoughts and come back anytime. We may disagree but you are always welcome.”

I think we need to revive this sense of partnership and consensus. Silly lawsuits will only cost all of us more taxes. Legal bullying only creates a divisive atmosphere. At the end of the day there will be no benefits from the lawsuit.

Rappahannock has a responsible, committed and dedicated county government. These are good people.

Stand up to the rowdy minority that loves conspiracies and making trouble just because they can.

Martin Woodard

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