From one Bernie Sanders supporter to another

Okay, this is a totally crazy election. I get that we worked hard to have an alternative choice to what we have now. For once we were hearing campaign language that was music to our ears: income inequality; debt free college tuition; making the wealthy, Wall Street and corporations pay their fair share; fighting for women’s rights, equal pay for equal work; and fighting against global warming, to name some of the issues Bernie Sanders fought for in his campaign.

Bernie and his supporters (I voted for him) made great strides at pushing the Democratic Party to a more progressive agenda. And all of the above issues and others became embraced by the Democratic platform. We didn’t get Bernie, but we did really accomplish something. Now I am fearing that all that work will come to nothing because Sanders supporters, bitter over their loss, will not support those same campaign issues now by being fought for by Hillary Clinton.

No, she is not an unflawed candidate, but compared to Trump she smells like a rose and tastes like dark chocolate. As far as holding onto progressive gains made over the last 40 years, this might be the most important election in my lifetime. Trump’s agenda is frightening, a tax reform that totally favors the richest of the rich. He doesn’t even believe in global warming. You know who he is, I don’t need to go on. But, now he has a real chance of winning because so many Bernie supporters are saying they will vote for Jill Stein and the Green Party.

The problem with this is there is no possible way Jill Stein could win. We know that. However, by splitting the progressive vote, not voting for Hillary, means Trump does get a real chance at winning. Remember the protest votes that went to Ralph Nader in 2000, bringing in the neocons and George W. Bush? Because the election was so nail-bitingly close, those protest votes would have put Gore over the top. Instead, we ended up in Iraq. I think Trump would bring worse things.

Yes, I am sad that it isn’t Bernie, but now I am working hard as I can to get out the vote, to stop Trump, and support Hillary Clinton, who is our only real choice in defending the progressive issues we fought hard for in this election.

Jeanne Wall
Slate Mills


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