Supervisors open on Monday

Flatwood recycling center may or may not be open in the future on Mondays, but this coming Monday (Oct. 17), Rappahannock County’s supervisors will be.

The supervisors will meet at the Washington fire hall at 7 p.m. Monday, specifically to hear what you have to say — about anything.

It is the first of what some of the supervisors hope will be a quarterly “community outreach” forum that moves from district to district — “some” including, at the very least, Hampton district board member John Lesinski, who proposed the session during the supervisors’ last first-Monday-of-the-month regular meeting Oct. 3.

Lesinski said he proposed it “in the spirit of recent conversations about additional public comment in our meetings,” and that such agenda-free sessions can “afford the public an opportunity for us to discuss whatever is on their minds.” The board last month decided — again at Lesinski’s urging — to hold a public “work session” on the third Monday of the month, as needed.

“I hear consistently that this board needs to be more available for . . . input,” Lesinski said at the Oct. 3 session.

“When we have this little rail between us,” agreed Piedmont district supervisor Mike Biniek, referring to the courtroom’s railed bar, which separates the pews from the attorney table where the board sits, “I know it can be a little difficult to get points across, especially when you have just the three-minute time period. . . . but potentially in a more relaxed atmosphere, where we’re not wearing coats and ties. . . . I’m for at least trying this out.”

The county’s announcement at says the session will start at 7 and end by 8:30; chair Roger Welch and supervisors Lesinski, Biniek and Jackson district’s Ron Frazier will be there (Stonewall supervisor Chris Parrish is out of town). “This will be a public forum where you can speak regarding issues that are important to you and receive feedback from a board member,” says the announcement. “The event is casual dress.”

“We’ve got a lot of talented people in this county,” said Welch. “So this ought to be beneficial.”

One issue that several supervisors said has caused some recent confusion, for example: The idea, discussed at the board’s Oct. 3 session, of possible changes to the hours and days of operation at the county’s landfill/recycling centers at Amissville and Flatwood. County Administrator Debbie Keyser stressed this week that the changes discussed Oct. 3 were proposed based on citizen feedback collected by the staff at both sites, and that schedule would be discussed by the board again (including at Monday’s forum) before any actual changes are made.

The changes discussed suggest the Flatwood center, now closed Monday-Tuesday, instead be open on Mondays and closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays — based largely on frequent comments from customers who couldn’t get their weekend trash to the center by closing time Sunday and had to live with it piling up until Wednesday. At Amissville, now closed only on Sundays, it suggested closing also on Wednesdays, an idea to which several supervisors objected.

Citizens’ thoughts on the matter (or any others) are also invited nowadays by email to

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