The Boston column for Oct. 13

Hello, Rappahannock County

My name is Ashley Frazier; I was raised in Viewtown and Sperryville and am a graduate of RCHS, class of 2005. For the last 10 years my family and I have lived in Castleton, and for the last year in Boston. It is a great honor to be writing for the Rappahannock News, and I am looking forward to this column. I will be covering Boston, Castleton and Woodville. If you have any news for any of these areas, please feel free to contact me via email at

A cell tower for Boston?

A proposal for a cell tower for Boston is on the Culpeper County side; the proposed location for this tower is about a mile from the Boston store on U.S. 522. There were forms for people to fill out and voice their opinions at the Boston store prior to the Culpeper planning commission meeting that was scheduled for last night, and many people did just that. Cindy Thornhill of Boston, a member of the planning commission, said last Saturday that she had more than 50 forms turned in so far from residents of Boston on both sides of the county line, and all were for the tower.

Many are for it mainly for safety reasons. North of Salem fire hall, most do not have any type of service and emergencies happen; accidents, fires and flat tires, just to name a few. The tower would also be a great help to the Boston post office, which needs service for incoming and outgoing packages. The hope is that the tower will go in and help people reach out in their time of need as well as other for other reasons. More information on this matter will be in the column as the meetings go on.

RCES students just wrapped up their fall fundraiser. Thank you to all who helped our students and school with this sale!