Your Nov. 8 to-do list

Here’s what’s on the ballot that Rappahannock County voters will see on Nov. 8, Election Day. If you haven’t registered to vote (or updated your registration if you’ve moved or your name has changed, among a few other reasons), next Monday (Oct. 17) is the last day to do so. You can check your registration or update it online at


Some advice and cautions from Rappahannock County Registrar Kimberly McKiernan, if you’re going online:


Voters must follow prompts in the “registered voter” section. (Do not re-register if you are already registered.) Voter registrations do not get canceled in between elections. If voters are updating, changing  or applying for registration for the first time, they must provide their mailing address if it is different from their physical address so we can mail them their paper voter ID card. One or more forms of contact (ie. telephone number and/or email address) helps us contact voters if there is a problem.

Online, voters must provide their Virginia driver’s license number when prompted so electronic online registration or requests for absentee ballots can be completed and properly processed by us. Connection to the DMV enables online applications to be signed as our signatures are stored electronically at the DMV. We cannot process applications or registrations if they are not signed.

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