Elections: Not ‘fixed’ but well-maintained

There is no end of reasons to find the 2016 presidential election off-putting. I am writing about one in particular: the idea that the election is fixed. I am offended by this and feel that, carried to the extreme, this accusation undermines the overall confidence in our democracy and jeopardizes the safety of the dedicated, everyday citizens that make our elections work.

I spent 14 years on the local elections board and never, ever saw any fraud. At every turn election materials are safeguarded. Your board and your registrar do not guess or invent solutions, they persist in finding the correct legal procedures. Both parties are represented on the board and every effort is made to have both represented inside the polls on Election Day.

Election officials work hard for extremely long hours with very little compensation. Thank them!

Francie Schroeder

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  1. Thank you for that, Francie. It’s unconscionable that some would seek to undermine our voting system with dark, unsubstantiated accusations.

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